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PAVE Studios Launches PAVE Publishing House – New Print and Audiobooks Venture Working with Creators & Bestselling Authors

PAVE Studios has officially entered the publishing industry with the launch of PAVE Publishing House! Our new venture will deliver the best in print and audiobooks from emerging and established creators as well as existing authors. Get ready for a lineup of compelling new titles from our brands, including Crime House and OpenMind.

“PAVE Publishing House is putting storytellers at the forefront with our innovative business model because we understand that when creators succeed, everyone succeeds,” said Max Cutler, Founder of PAVE Studios. “By meeting creators’ audiences where they are, we’re reimagining distribution and capitalizing on the massive podcast audience where monetization is limited to drive more revenue back to creators.”

Audiobooks remain the fastest-growing format in publishing, with a record high 38% of people aged 12+ listening to an audiobook in the past year (Edison Research). An impressive 68% of audiobook enthusiasts have delved into podcasts within the past 90 days. For our brands like Crime House and OpenMind, 45% of audiobook listeners are drawn to true crime and mystery podcasts, and 52% prefer knowledge-based content. Now we can cater to the millions of listeners eager for these books. 

Our move into publishing allows us to lean into longform storytelling and give our creators more format options to tell these stories. We get to dive deeper into topics that don't necessarily work on YouTube or in podcasting, and we can build our fiction and non fiction catalog of content with richer derivative potential for TV and film. Books often serve as the source for intellectual properties, and a strong track record for successful screen adaptations unlike the limited success seen with podcasting. A great example is Alaina Urquhart, co-host of the hit podcast Morbid, whose crime novel, “The Butcher & The Wren” is being adapted for the small screen now.

Furthermore, this venture underscores our unique approach that puts storytellers at the heart of everything we do, flipping the script on distribution and connecting with audiences in bold, new ways to guarantee our creators' success. We know that when creators thrive, everyone wins. 

We can’t wait to make a meaningful impact in the publishing industry and build a world-class team dedicated to PAVE Publishing House. Make sure to follow PAVE Studios on social media as we'll be sharing more news soon, including the incredible storytellers we’ll be collaborating with to publish new titles.


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