The Timeless

Beyond the veil of everyday life, there are mysteries and ancient traditions, known only to few. The Timeless is your opportunity to discover them. 


"The Timeless", is a clever, innovative way of exploring the urban landscape of Athens. It turns a simple daily walk into an adventurous, interactive experience. You can play "The Timeless" either by yourself, or as a team! "The Timeless" is the first installment of a series of stories. The story begins in the National Garden of Athens, and aims to expand to other areas of the city of Athens in the future. 

Explore the garden, solve puzzles and riddles and learn about historical events of Greece in a fun, intuitive and educational way. 

Play alone or with friends! 

What you need to play: 

Physically be in Athens, Greece 

A smartphone 

A love for puzzle solving 

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